Buy Online Buy toys in online store - the event is now fairly common. But not so long ago, children's toys purchased as follows - take the hand of the kid and went to an ordinary store. Where at you from all sides while watching the entire range of the store. In this case, you are wasting your time not only to the endless search for the necessary toys, but also on the way there and back and then to somehow distract the child from such a busy adventure. You're lucky if you just found and bought the toy you are looking for. And if not found. Then there is a reasonable question - where can I buy a toy? In this case, you have to attend at one store. You spend time, but the result may be negative, because there is no guarantee that the next store you're lucky. Fortunately, time does not stand still. And today, modern parents can buy toys for children over the Internet. The extra campaigns for traditional stores. On the Internet over a relatively short time have the opportunity to visit several shops toys for children. Quietly read range, posravnivat bid prices study descriptions of toys and comments of visitors who came to you, read what other parents can be and leave her. Parents who have previously been wary of buying toys for children on the Internet, now make is almost constant. Enough to buy a toy in this way only once, subsequently to become a constant buyer of online shops. In this case, plays an essential role attitudes of managers in particular and Internet shopping in general to the buyer to his needs and not a formal attitude to work.
Social Networking The idea of social networking as such has appeared before the creation of the Internet, then ideas become a reality, and users have available a variety of social networks. The first of these were created in the west. According comscore.com, traffic is the most popular in the world of social networking site MySpace, which has separate offices for visitors to Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Australia and Japan, consistently higher traffic Postal Service Yahoo! For example, in November 2006 MySpace pages have been viewed 38.7 billion times, while the page Yahoo! - 38,1 billion from November 2004 to November 2005, the number of users on the network MySpace.com has increased in 5,5 times, in August 2006 doubled to 55.8 million people, and by the end of the year again doubled surpassed 130 million unique visitors. Such high growth rates are impressive also because MySpace.com was opened only in January 2004. According to analysts comscore Media Metrix, the phenomenal popularity of resources to build a social network continue to regard rasti.Chto Runet, the domestic counterparts of social networks are a relatively recent: in late 2005 launched a network of "My Circle", and in early 2006 opened up services Webby.ru, the world is small and the office of the 7 hands." According to one classifications of social networks can be divided into entertainment (vkontakte.ru), nostalgic (to help you find old friends and acquaintances - .ru), blogs and diaries, genealogical (for example, Ancestry.com), specializing in particular culture or religion (for example, MyChurch), as well as business social networking.